Political Fundraising Emails Like ‘A Prince Selling a Groupon Deal for Boner Pills’ (VIDEO)


With the midterm elections around the corner, Jon Stewart slammed the Democrats frantic fundraising efforts via a “near endless” stream of emails on Monday’s episode of The Daily Show.

Pointing out that Democrats are supposedly the party wanting to curb the influence of money in politics, Stewart pointed out that “recently, the Democrats’ reticence for fundraising was truly on display,” with all the recent fundraising events such as President Obama’s recent appearance at an event hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow.

“That might not be the best way to send a message about your contempt for money in politics,” Stewart noted.

However, as Stewart points out it’s not just the fundraisers – it’s the emails.

The emails. Oh dear God the emails from the Democrats will not stop. The emails begging for cash seem to come with “a frequency and desperation matched only by a Nigerian Prince selling a Groupon deal for boner pills.

You can watch the segment, below:

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