Racist Tea Party Lunatic Goes on Epic Anti-Obama Rant (VIDEO)


Tea Party freakshow Drew Walker created a video where he uses a lot of profanity and challenges President Barack Obama to meet with him so they can settle things.

If it wasn’t so pathetic and scary and sad and insane, it would be funny. Nothing he says is original but it is indicative of how so many racists, who identify as patriots, feel about Obama. They are just sooo angry that their beloved “murica elected a black man TWICE.

His rant in part:

“So who the f*ck do you think you’re fooling now, Barack Obama — or should I say Barry Soetoro or (he makes clicking noises) your African f*cking native language.

“We aren’t here to appease your f*cking Muslim beliefs. We aren’t here to appease your f*cking African beliefs. We are here to believe in our American Constitution. Our freedoms. Our liberties. And that’s goddammit what I f*cking support. Not you, you piece of sh*t.

“Obama, you are nothing. NOTHING! I can’t even compare you to anything because you are nothing. You’re the lowest form of a f*cking human, and I don’t believe you’re human. I know you’re f*cking old lady’s a goddamn sasquatch.

“So f*ck you.Just get the f*ck out of our country.

Walker added “us patriots have had enough. You don’t like it? Come visit me personally Obama. We can settle this like men. But I know that you’re too much of a c*nt to do that, you little f*cking peter-puffing f*ggot.

“Go f*ck your man-wife you piece of sh*t.”

See, sad and funny at the same time. Good luck with your dream of meeting the POTUS Mr. Walker. And once again – he was elected TWICE.

TWICE.  By a majority.

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