Donald Trump Gets Brilliantly Trolled on Twitter and Proves He Isn’t As Smart As He Thinks


(ANTIMEDIA) United Kingdom — The internet erupted on Saturday after Twitter hero of the day @HamishP95 duped Donald Trump into unknowingly retweeting a picture of U.K. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Less than an hour after Jeremy Corbyn became the new leader of Britain’s Labour Party, HamishP95 commanded the presidential hopeful’s attention by tweeting a picture of Corbyn to Trump and claiming it was a photo of his dad.

Conned into believing the image was of a potential voter, the billionaire then retweeted the image to his 4-million followers with the comment: “Great.”

Trump’s latest jaw dropping display of foreign policy knowledge — or lack thereof — saw Twitter explode, and the priceless image has since been retweeted over 11,000 times.

Many Twitter users reamed Trump’s ignorance in not recognizing one of the most widely discussed politicians in the world today, while other members of the social media website gave the real life Million Dollar Man the benefit of the doubt in spite of his obliviousness.

One of Trump’s Republican foes even joined in on mocking Trump after the gaffe. GOP presidential candidate and Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal tweeted a picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Trump along with a couple of questions: “Wow. Is there a world leader you DO recognize? Is this guy going to vote for you too?” 

While it could be understandable for the average American to make this blunder, that Trump is running for President of the United States and cannot recognize Jeremy Corbyn is a testament to his cluelessness when it comes to foreign affairs.

Maybe it’s just possible that ‘The Donald” isn’t as all-knowing a he thinks he is. From Twitter:

Hours after Trump’s infamous retweet, Prime Minister David Cameron sent out a tweet of his own regarding the new Labour leader. Cameron, who is very familiar with Corbyn, said after his monumental win: “The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family’s security.”  — strong words from a man currently advocating more bloodshed in the Middle East.

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