How The Chicks On The Right Conservative ‘Makeover’ Experiment Failed

Maybe you’re familiar with the conservative duo Chicks On The Right (COTR) – if so, I’m sorry.

Chicks have three quarters of a million followers, a radio show and a book.

When I became aware of them in 2012, I’ll admit, I was drawn in. These two middle America gals were looking to give conservatism a makeover. They spouted Tea Party ideals, but unlike their conservative counterparts, they know how to spell and are quite articulate – which in and of itself made them different. You weren’t going to see them call liberals “looser morans.”

They managed to set themselves apart from the knuckle draggers they catered to by being silly when sharing extremist right-wing opinions. They correctly believed that if they took pictures of themselves giggling and blowing pink bubble-gum bubbles while wearing high heels, Tea Party voters would think they were unique. They use terms like “hosebeast” to describe women they aren’t fond of. They like to pretend they invented terms like “awesomesauce” and “amazeballs.”

Chick Mockarena has a personal vendetta against pro-choice actress Ashley Judd, and spends an inordinate amount of time writing mean-spirited blog posts about her. But GOD FORBID anyone says anything negative about the Chicks – they go on full attack mode and add you to their Wall Of Shame. It’s kind of ironic how a fan who hangs on to their every word is described as a “clever and competent reader,” but if you dare disagree with them, you’re a “creepy stalker.” And when I say “kind of ironic,” I mean hideously hypocritical. Chick Daisy loves the term “lemmings,” and often sticks to a predictable template when writing. She’s also fond of the phrase, “But I digress . . .”

In early 2013, they received a warning from Facebook because they used the term “assular” in a post, and like many other conservative talking heads, decided to scream they were being targeted because of their political leanings. Of course that’s a bunch of horseshit, but the right is skilled at marching in lockstep and blindly supporting poutrage. So, sure enough, Fox News reported on the fake scandal and their page began to grow at a rapid rate.

The Chicks were clearly enjoying all the new attention, and before they could call Nancy Pelosi another horrid name, they were offered a radio program and a book deal.

Naturally, this solidified their resolve to give conservatism a makeover, and to a degree, they were achieving their goal. Most other right-wing sites are predictably devoid of substance and strictly rely on misleading propaganda decorated with incendiary EPIC, SHREDDING headlines. (Yes, the left is also guilty of using these adjectives, but unlike right-wing rags, most on the left source their posts with links from reputable organizations, using facts and stats.) The Chicks were successful and their message resonated with many other low-information conservatives. The beast was well fed and growing like gangbusters.

In the summer of 2012, their site was slowly but steadily growing with 23 thousand followers and today they are enjoying over 700k fans. That’s not small potatoes, folks.

Mock and Daisy were the sole bloggers for the first five or so years, but after they took on all of their new endeavors, they needed some help with blogging, and that resulted in bringing on two more chicks, Miss CJ and Red Dawn. The new additions marked the beginning of the Chicks’ devolution. The new Chicks are younger and slightly more extreme. Red Dawn says that Rush Limbaugh is her political sensei. She’s also obsessed with the anti-choice site Life News and she consistently churns out blog posts featuring couples who chose to have a baby with a defect or disability rather than abort – which is great. Those couples had a CHOICE. They chose to allow the fetus to grow into a baby. The problem is the Chicks don’t think anyone, including you, should have that choice – they want the government to force women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term while saying they don’t want the government to interfere with private, personal decisions.

But I digress . . .

When the two new writers came on board, COTR quickly devolved into the same horrid drivel as The Federalist and Young Cons – in fact it’s apparent they’re all in bed together because, aside from putting out very similar content, their blogs all appear on each others’ walls. The original message of the Chicks has been so watered down, it no longer resembles what it once was. They think by including pop culture into the mix, they are convincing millennials that individual choice, bodily autonomy and common sense are dirty “liberal” ideals. They praise Ted Cruz. Hahahaha. Ted Cruz. Hahahaha.

But I digress, again . . .

The Federalist, Young Cons, Red State, Right Wing News and COTR are all the same. Any makeover that once existed is now a memory because the Chicks sold out. Their site became so large and their brand has grown so much, they no longer have the same personal feel that made them so popular in the first place. Now, they’re exactly like every other right-wing rag.

The Chicks once frightened me. They no longer do – at least not in the way the did a few years ago. At one point, I read every blog post. Now I check the page and read the headlines a few times a week – it’s so hideous I don’t even click on their blog anymore. Initially, I was worried they would be just different enough to make a real impact in conservative circles. But they have proved they are just two women who created a mean-girl website, grew in popularity, and then sold out because they were never really any different from the rest of the GOP lemmings all over the internet – they just wore heels and giggled their extremist right-wing lunacy.

Because, lipstick on a pig . . . etc.

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