Mike Huckabee Thinks Poor People Should Be Sold Into Slavery For Stealing

Mike Huckabee

Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee thinks that the criminal justice system would be improved by selling poor people into slavery who are caught stealing.

Huckabee made an appearance on Mickelson in the Morning, a leading Iowa radio program, and was speaking with host Jan Mickelson about law and order in the United States.

Mickelson began by complaining about the legal system, complaining that “the criminal justice system has been taken over by progressives.”

She went on to state that conservatives should look to the Bible’s Book of Exodus for direction, noting: “It says, if a person steals, they have to pay it back two-fold, four-fold,” Mickelson explained, adding: “If they don’t have anything, we’re supposed to take them down and sell them.”[1]

She also argued that jails, “a pagan invention,” are too soft on criminals, explaining: “We indenture them and they have to spend their time not sitting on their stump in a jail cell, they’re supposed to be working off the debt.”

Turning to Huckabee, she asked: “Wouldn’t that be a better choice?”

Huckabee said he agreed, replying: “Well, it really would be. Sometimes the best way to deal with a nonviolent criminal behavior is what you just suggested.”

As Think Progress reports, ”

This isn’t the first time Mickelson has endorsed reinstating slavery in the United States. In August, Mickelson argued that undocumented immigrants should “become property of the state,” who should “extort or exploit or indenture [their] labor.” After a caller pointed out that what he was describing is slavery, Mickelson responded, “Well, what’s wrong with slavery?”

They also point out that “Huckabee’s comments, which come 150 years after the 13th Amendment’s adoption, appear to be the first time in modern history that a credible presidential candidate has joined the fringe call to reinstate slavery.”

You can check out the interview, below:


FOOTNOTE 1: Mickelson is referring to the Exodus 22:3 passage which reads: “Anyone who steals must certainly make restitution, but if they have nothing, they must be sold to pay for their theft.”

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