Texas University Will Allow Guns In Dorm Rooms But Nerf Guns Are Strictly Prohibited

Nerf Gun

Texas’s campus carry law will be going into effect August 1, 2016. Some people feel it will create an unsafe atmosphere. Others are basically gun crazy. Texas A & M University (TAMU) will have to reconcile some of its guidelines for the student body—for example, if you are allowed to have licensed concealed weapons what can’t you have?

From Texas A&M’s residence guidelines—you know, dorm rules and regulations:


Propelling devices, such as rockets, catapults, slingshots, Nerf-type guns or any homemade device for the purpose of launching an object, are prohibited. Objects may not be thrown into or out of windows or onto or off of balconies.

I mean, come on guys, you can really hurt somebody with a Nerf gun. You could take someone’s eye out! Texas Woman’s University in Denton has some strong chalk rules:

Advertisement of any other institution of higher education in any format is prohibited. (i.e., name, logo, program, etc…) The following areas/campus locations that are prohibited from chalking are as listed below, but not limited to:

• Stairwells (Interior & Exterior
• Sidewalks with an overhang of any kind
• Sidewalks around the perimeter of the ACT building
• Bricked areas anywhere on campus
• Gravel or non-smooth sidewalks

• Any structure or building on campus
• Sidewalks around the Little Chapel
• Parking lots where cars are traveling and parking

These schools did not create this law but when looking at any university’s guidelines with the lens of campus carry law, it becomes quite clear how ridiculous this all is.


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