Wildfire Survivors Are Receiving Free Weed From Dispensaries In California


It’s not easy to lose everything you’ve owned and loved to a raging element with no mercy, and two Northern California dispensaries understand this. For this reason, Care By Design and AbsoluteXtracts medical marijuana dispensaries are attempting to ease the burden wildfire survivors are experiencing by offering them free weed.

As The Los Angeles Times reports, the companies bluntly announced that they would be donating $20,000 worth of marijuana products and offering up to $200 of free bud to each patient (through October 7th).

In wake of the raging California fires, more than 23,000 people have been forced to flee their homes and leave many of their possessions behind. The hungry flames have so far blackened 305,264 acres of California’s forests and continue to push across the countryside.

The communities of Cobb, Hidden Valley Lake, Kelseyville, and Middletown have been hit hard by Mother Nature, and over 2,000 homes have gone up in flames, with four deaths so far reported.

Optimistically, those with medical marijuana cards can claim their free hash to ease the pain at dispensaries in Santa Rosa, Lake County, Sebastopol and San Francisco. Smoking a joint with a friend may not put the fires out or ease the pain of losing all your possessions, but it might be an aid in getting grounded and starting anew.

The simple act of kindness by the two dispensaries has a set a precedent for private enterprises to take public issues into their own hand. As has been reported in recent months, California is enduring one of its worst droughts in 500 years, with 94% of the state classified as being in “severe drought.”

City-water restrictions and state of emergency declared, it will be a tumultuous road to recovery, but at least this simple act of compassion is a sign to all those suffering that they are not alone. Perhaps we will witness other businesses stepping up to contribute in whatever way they can to help those affected by the fires.

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