Marco Rubio Would Have A Beer With Malala – An Underage Muslim

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Marco Rubio tells a group of “young professionals” that he would like to have a beer with a Muslim teenager.

Everyone knows about Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani activist and Nobel laureate who was shot by the Taliban October 2012. That is everyone except Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio.

Rubio held a question and answer session with young professionals at New Hampshire’s Anselm College on Thursday.

According to reporters attending the event, Rubio was asked: ““Who would you like to have a beer with who is not a politician?” to which he reportedly replied, “Malala.”

Here’s the kicker: Malala is a practicing Muslim and the Koran forbids consumption of alcohol, and booze is illegal for Pakistan’s Muslim majority.

One has to wonder what Rubio was thinking to give such a nonsensical answer – that is if he was thinking at all. It is more likely that he has been instructed by his handlers to use her name when speaking with young people in hopes of winning their favor.

As it turns out, the thought of Rubio drinking with Malala is creepy…. very creepy.

***For the strict literalists out there – while Malala is 18-years-old, she is still underage by U.S. drinking standards – notwithstanding the fact that drinking is more or less forbidden in Pakistan.

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