Marco Rubio’s Habit Of Skipping His Day Job Just Bit Him In The Ass

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio likes to talk a tough game – but while he is talking, he is missing out on work.

Presidential candidate and Senate dabbler Marco Rubio had some big talk Thursday on Fox News about how he might just shut down the big spending bill Congress will complete this week.

Marco Rubio on Thursday hinted he may try to stall passage of the massive tax and spending package, saying it’s dangerous to not include a provision that would encourage greater scrutiny of Syrian refugees. […]

“If they’ve got [a] sufficient number of votes at the end, they can always ram it down our throat, but I think if we can add some days to it, the way Sen. [Jeff] Sessions is talking about and maybe some others, that process of slowing it down allows more Americans to wake up to the reality of what’s in the bill and perhaps as a result demand that their elected representatives do something to make those changes on things like the Syrian refugees we’re talking about now,” Rubio said on Fox.

While Rubio was in Muscatine, Iowa, doing that interview, his colleagues in the Senate were making a fool of him, agreeing to a time limit for the spending bill debate to make sure it gets wrapped up Friday. There is nothing he can now do to slow this down, because he wasn’t in D.C. on the floor when the agreement was reached to oppose it.

So that’s kind of embarrassing. I guess there’s some value in showing up to that Senate job he hates so much, after all.


Originally posted to Daily Kos by Joan McCarter.

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