Pat Robertson Says Satan Makes Liberals Lie About Trump – Video

The wacky host of “The 700 Club,” Pat Robertson, sympathizes with Donald Trump’s pain and defended the GOP presidential nominee for suggesting the assassination of Hillary Clinton if when she is elected president and nominates liberal Supreme Court justices.

Robertson complained that the liberal media is always picking on him! He blamed them for twisting Trump’s words, and then Robertson himself went on to twist Trump’s words in an effort to downplay the assassination threat against Clinton.

“So they’re doing it to Trump now. There’s a whole team of people just looking for every word he speaks to make him look silly. What he said yesterday I think, or the day before, whatever, the Second Amendment crowd would give me a hand, and what he’s talking about are those who are concerned about gun control, and what he’s saying is a new Supreme Court judge, it’s been virtually a tie on it, and the next time they put a liberal judge on, they’ll be reversing the Second Amendment. So he said the Second Amendment. So what his opponents are saying, Donald Trump is encouraging people to shoot Hillary, it’s just nonsense.”

Obviously the liberal media is under the influence of an invisible, pretend red man with horns and a pitchfork.

“Every time they’re going to twist the words, I know what it’s like, he has my profound sympathy but these people are profound liars and they’re set up as liars,” Robertson said. “The devil is a liar and the father of lies, according to the Bible.”

There you have it. Satan is to blame for those lyin’ liberals.

Video courtesy of Right Wing Watch.

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